1. What's Vegan Drinks? Vegan Drinks is a monthly social networking* event for people interested in promoting veganism and advocating for animal rights. Vegan Drinks’ mission is to bring together a diverse group of people—from cupcake aficionados to animal lawyers to veg*ns of all stripes in between—to build new coalitions and promote the sharing of resources. Vegan Drinks is for newbies and oldies. All we expect is an interest in animal rights, veganism and the pursuit of after-work fun. Show up and introduce yourself, pass around business cards (if you've got ‘em) and embarrass yourself at least once an hour. Vegan Drinks is an alcohol-based event and it's at a bar, so you have to be at least 21 years old to attend. Entrance is free, but the booze is not. Remember to tip your friendly bartender! *Although we think love is grand, Vegan Drinks is not a singles’ event. But, if you happen to meet the love of your life at Vegan Drinks, don't forget to invite us to the wedding!

  2. When and where does Vegan Drinks take place? Vegan Drinks NYC takes place at Solas Bar, 232 East 9th Street in the East Village, from 7pm to 10pm, generally on the last Thursday of the month. (You are very welcome to remain at the bar later than 10, but Vegan Drinks as an official event ends at 10.) Sometimes big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas get in the way of our monthly drinking escapades and we need to move Vegan Drinks to another Thursday. Don't worry, we'll let you know about the date change via this site and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our email list.

  3. How much does it cost? There is no cover charge nor drink minimum. Drinks are not free, however. And bring enough money to tip your bartender!

  4. Can I bring my own food and drink? Food, yes. Beverages, no.

  5. Will there be food available at Vegan Drinks? Yes. We invite food vendors to apply for the opportunity to sell food at our events. Check listings for a specific event to see who will be serving food. (Solas itself does not sell food.)

  6. Who attends Vegan Drinks? It's a wide mix of folks over 21 years of age who are vegan, vegetarian, veg*n-curious and our not-yet-veg*n allies. Most attendees live in NYC, but veg*ns travel across state lines and international time zones to hang out with us.

  7. Do I have to drink alcohol? Nope! The co-founders of Vegan Drinks have even been known to skip the adult beverages some nights. Most of the attendees do drink alcohol, but our straightedge and plain ol' teetotaler friends partake in such exotic beverages as water, juice and soda. No one will ever bother you for not drinking alcohol. We will bother you if you get drunk and act dumb.

  8. Do I have to be vegan to attend? Of course not! Though it would be cool if you respected that most attendees are vegan, and refrain from speciest comments and wearing or eating our animal friends while at Vegan Drinks.

  9. What should I do at Vegan Drinks? Be friendly! We'll be passing out nametags, so you can march right up to someone and greet them by name. Promote! If you're representing an organization (either as an employee or volunteer or general supporter), talk up the organization and the work you've been involved in. If you're representing you, talk up your vegan and AR interests, your favorite restaurant, your dream job for animals, your blog, etc., etc. Make a shout out! Starting around 8:30pm, we'll turn down the music and encourage people to promote themselves, their groups and/or causes for 30 seconds. If you represent a veg*n or animal rights group, come prepared with your spiel and literature! Sip a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, we don't care!) and relax with like-minded folks for a couple of hours.

  10. Can I sell or give away samples of my products at Vegan Drinks? Give away? Possibly, and so long as it doesn't compete with our food vendor. Please email info@vegandrinks.nyc if you would like to give away samples at Vegan Drinks so we can give you a definite "yup" or "nope." Sell? No. The only things sold at Vegan Drinks are drinks from the bar and food from our approved vendors. We sometimes welcome a non-profit beneficiary to hold a fundraiser (bake sale or similar), but these are organized by Vegan Drinks, and not an opportunity for anyone else to sell.

  11. Can I promote my organization/book/project/world-saving idea at Vegan Drinks? Yes! As long as your cause is on-topic and directly related to animal or veg*n issues. You are welcome to bring literature and promotional materials to share. In addition to chatting with your fellow attendees as you mix and mingle, you can also do a Shout Out: starting around 8:30pm, we turn down the music and encourage people to promote themselves, their groups and/or causes for 30 seconds.

  12. How did Vegan Drinks begin? Vegan Drinks NYC came about when Deborah Diamant (then of the Brooklyn Law School Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Chapter) was inspired by the Green Drinks networking model and decided that vegans needed a similar event of their own. Instead of studying for finals, she made Jason Das (of SuperVegan) meet her for coffee at 'sNice (of Brooklyn) one early spring afternoon and asked him to help organize Vegan Drinks. After a few weeks of planning, the first Vegan Drinks was held in May 2008 at Angels & Kings Bar in the East Village. Angels and Kings was our home from May 2008 to March 2012. The founders later passed the torch to a new generation of Vegan Drinks NYC organizers (James, Jess, and Neysha), and the event was held at Fontana's Bar on the Lower East Side through 2016, when Fontana's sadly closed. Vegan Drinks NYC was relaunched in February 2018 (woohoo!) at our fabulous new venue, Solas Bar in the East Village. From Feb 2018 to July 2019, the organizing team was Eli, Emerie, Ethan, Gail, Matt, and Rachel. The current team is Eli, Ethan, Gail, Matt, and Rachel.

  13. I'm not in NYC. Is there a Vegan Drinks in my town? Possibly. Check out our Locations page (updates coming soonish!). If there's no Vegan Drinks where you want one, we encourage you to organize your own.

  14. I don't have any vegan friends. Is Vegan Drinks a good place to get some? You bet! The founders of Vegan Drinks have made many friends through the event and so will you! Be sure to introduce yourself to the folks in attendance. We know it's hard sometimes to work up the courage to extend your hand and say "hi," but it's worth it. The folks at Vegan Drinks are not too cool for you. Perhaps too nerdy, but never too cool.

  15. I'm single and having trouble meeting other vegans to date. Can I come mack at Vegan Drinks? No. We're not going to stop you from meeting the love of your life, BUT PLEASE DON'T BE CREEPY! Seriously, DO NOT BE CREEPY. If you're creepy, no will want to be your friend, let alone date you. If someone doesn't want to talk to you, BACK OFF. Thanks!

  16. Is there a dress code? There is no dress code. If you come straight from work in a suit, we promise not to make fun of you.

  17. The music at Vegan Drinks is awesome/sucks/is too loud/etc. Can you please tell me what it is/change it/turn it up/turn it down/let me DJ? Maybe. Get in touch!

  18. Can my business or organization sponsor Vegan Drinks? Certainly, provided we like what you do, and we have room in our sponsorship schedule. For sponsorship opportunities, get in touch.

Questions? Email info@vegandrinks.nyc.
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